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Duplex 2205 Seamless Pipe, DIN 1.4462 Seamless Tube, ASME SA790 Duplex 2205 Polished Pipe, UNS S32205 Seamless Mirror Finish Pipe, ASTM A790 Duplex 2205 Boiler Pipe.

Duplex S32205 Seamless Pipe is widely used in applications that demand excellent erosion resistance and quality. These continuous pipes can withstand pitting, intergranular, and crevice corrosion. There are several different grades of the duplex steel. One of them is an uns s32205 pipe. This grade’s microstructure gives it exceptional ferritic strength while maintaining the austenitic grade’s corrosion resistance. A factor in the need for duplex UNS S32205 stainless steel pipes is their resistance to sulfide stress corrosion, which is one of the factors. The other three primary factors that contribute to the ongoing demand for ASTM A790 Duplex Steel S32205 Seamless pipes are as follows. First, because of its ability to resist corrosion.

Second, higher price stability is offered by seamless pipes made of duplex steel S32205. All conventional welding techniques work well for these grades. Oil and gas exploration, the petrochemical industry, paper mills, liquor tanks, and more applications use our duplex pipes. Because of their low weight, these Pipes are employed in nuclear and aerospace engineering operations. Due to its capacity to function in a high-stress environment and tolerance to heavy wear and tear, it is also employed in the construction and car industries.

About Duplex 2205 / UNS S32205 Seamless Pipe

Properties of Duplex Steel UNS32205 Seamless Pipes:

  • The brittle micro-components of Duplex UNS S32205 pipes precipitate at temperatures exceeding 300 degrees Celsius.  
  • A greater nitrogen concentration in Duplex UNS S32205 pipes ensures improved corrosion resistance. In most settings, Duplex Stainless Steel S32205 Pipes outperform Grade 316 in terms of corrosion resistance.
  • DIN 1.4462 Duplex Seamless pipes with about 50/50 ferrite-austenite structure offer superior resistance to stress corrosion cracking and chloride pitting, with roughly double the yield strength of typical austenitic stainless grades.
  • It is possible to anneal duplex steel UNS S32205 pipes between 1020- and 1100 degrees C. This type of steel has a brittle microstructure that will precipitate if the temperature outside exceeds 300 degrees Celsius.  
  • However, if the temperature drops below –50 °C, the material changes from ductile to brittle. The tensile strength of these pipes is 621 MPa, while the yield strength is 448 MPa. It is commonly utilized in marine settings, pulp and paper digesters, high-chlorine environments, and liquor tanks.
  • These pipes are solid and reliable. The most muscular tubes are made of these stainless-steel grades. They last a long time while being intact and leak-free. It is a powerful product due to effective instrumentation and power applications.  
  • It has a nut that is silver-plated, which lengthens its lifespan. It also stops it from being irritating. A consequence of temperature swings from cold to hot is annoying, which affects the steel.

Specification Of Duplex 2205 / UNS S32205 Seamless Pipe

Duplex Seamless Pipes SpecificationsASTM A790 / ASME SA790
Dimensional specificationANSI/ASME B36.19M, ANSI/ASME B36.10M
Duplex Seamless Pipe Size1 / 8" NB - 24" NB
Duplex Welded Pipe Size1 / 8" NB - 24" NB
Duplex EFW Pipe Size6" NB - 48" NB
Outside Diameter6.00 mm OD up to 914.4 mm OD, Sizes up to 24” NB available Ex-stock, OD Size Steel Tubes available Ex-stock
Duplex Pipes Manufacturing ShapesHydraulic, Round, Rectangle, Square, Hex, Honed
Delivery ConditionAnnealed and Pickled, Polished, Coiled, Cold Drawn
Heat TreatmentNormalized, Normalized & Tempered
Manufacturing TechniquesNormalized & as Rolled
Duplex Steel Pipe Schedule Thickness RangeSCH 5, SCH10, SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 80S, SCH 160, SCH XXS, SCH XS
Duplex Pipes End TypesPlain End, Beveled End, Treaded One End, TBE (Treaded Both Ends)
Surface FinishNo.1, No.4, No.8 Mirror Finish, 2B
Value Added ServicesCutting, Beveling, Polishing, Threading, Destructive, Non Destructive, Ultrasonic Testing
Inspection and Test ReportsEN 10204 3.1, Mill Test Certificates, Chemical Reports, PMI Test Reports, Mechanical Reports, Third Party Inspection, NABL Approved Lab, Visual Inspection, Destructive Test and Non Destructive Test Reports
Outside Finish2B, No.4, No.1, No.8 Mirror Finish for Duplex Steel Pipes, Finish as per customer Requirements
Packing of Duplex PipesPacked in Wooden Boxes, Plastic Bags, Steel Strips Bundled, or as per Customers Requests
SpecialsSizes and Specifications other than above can be on request

Equivalent Grades Duplex 2205 / UNS S32205 Seamless Pipe

Duplex 22051.4462S32205

Chemical Composition Duplex 2205 / UNS S32205 Seamless Pipe

S322050.030 max2.00 max1.00 max0.030 max0.020 max21.0 – 23.02.50 - 3.504.50 – 6.500.8 – 0.2063.54 min

Mechanical Properties Duplex 2205 / UNS S32205 Seamless Pipe

GradesDensity (g/cm 3)Density (lb/in 3)Melting Point (°C)Melting Point (°F)
S322057.8050.2851420 – 14652588 – 2669

Dimensions Of Duplex 2205 / UNS S32205 Seamless Pipe

cupro Nickel Seamless Pipe Dimensions Chart :

Nominal Pipe SizeOutside Diameter (mm)Nominal Wall Thickness Schedule
1/8610.3 1.24   1.731.731.73 2.412.412.41     
1/4813.7 1.65     
3/81017.1 1.65   2.312,312.31     
1/21521.31.652.11   2.772.772.77 3.733.733.73   4.787.47
3/42026.71.652.11   2.872.872.87 3.913.913.91   5.567.82
12533.41.652.77   3.383.383.38 4.554.554.55   6.359.09
1 1/43242.21.652.77   3.563.563,56 4.854.854.85   6.359.70
1 1/24048.31.652.77   3.683.683.68   7.1410.15
25060.31.652.77   3.913.913.91 5.545.545.54   8.7411.07
2 1/265732.113.05   9.5314.02
38088.92.113.05   5.495.495.49 7.627.627.62   11.1315.24
3 1/290101.62.113.05   5.745.745.74     
4100114.32.113.05 8.568.568.56 11.13 13.4917.12
5125141.32.773.40   6.556.556.55 9.539,539.53 12.70 15.8819.05
6150168.32.773.40 10.9710.9710.97 14.27 18.2621.95
8200219.12.773.76 6.357.
10250273.13.404.19 6.357.809.279.279.2712.7012.7012.7015.0918.2621.4425.4028.5825.40
12300323.93.964.57 6.358.389.539.5310.3114.2712.7012.7017.4821.4425.4028.5833.3225.40
14350355.63.964.786.357.929.53 9.5311.1315.09 12.7019.0523.8327.7931.7535.71 
16400406.44.194.786.357.929.53 9.5312.70i6.66 12.7021.4426.1930.9636.5340.49 
18450457.24.194.786.357.9211.13 9.5314.2719.05 12.7023.8329.3634.9339,6745.24 
205005084.785.546.359.5312.70 9.5315.0920.62 12.7026.1932.5438.1044.4550.01 
22 5594.785.546.359.5312.70 9.53 22.23 12.7028.5834.9341.2847.6353.98 
246006105.546.356.359.5314.27 9.5317.4824.61 12.7030.9638.8946.0252.3759.54 
26 660  7.9212.70  9.53   12.70      
28700711  7.9212.7015.88 9.53   12.70      
30 7626.357.927.9212.7015.88 9.53   12.70      
32800813  7.9212.7015.88 9.5317.48  12.70      
34 884  7.9212.7015.88 9.5317.48  12.70      
36900914  7.9212.7015.88 9.5319.05  12.70      
38 965      9.53   12.70      
4010001016     9.53 12.70         
42 1067   12.7015.88 9.5319.05  12.70      
4411001118      9.53   12.70      
46 1168      9.53   12.70      
4812001219      9.53  12.70       
52 1321                 

Different Types Of Duplex 2205 / UNS S32205 Seamless Pipe

Different Types Of seamless Pipe

Application of Duplex 2205 / UNS S32205 Seamless Pipe

Testing of Duplex 2205 / UNS S32205 Seamless Pipe

Packing of Duplex 2205 / UNS S32205 Seamless Pipe

Destination Of Duplex 2205 / UNS S32205 Seamless Pipe

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