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Hardened washers with diameters ranging from a quarter inch up to four inches can be found under the ASTM F436 standard. The fasteners require either carbon steel or weathering steel to be used in their construction. Washers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and one of the most well-known manufacturers of washers is Shree Ashapura Steel. Filling the spaces between fittings and components, as well as the spaces between the material surface and the nuts on the bolts, is the purpose of the washers.

In applications where square-shaped voids need to be filled, the ASTM F436 Plain Washers that comply with the ASTM F436 standard are utilized. There are numerous categories based on the quality of the material. Carbon steels have the attribute of having a high level of toughness. In contrast, weathering metals have the benefit of the ability to repair themselves in the event of cracks or other damage.

About ASTM F436 Washer

In corrosive settings where cracks or abrasions could occur, the F436 Type 3 Washers are effective as they will develop an oxide layer on the surface and resist further corrosion. This makes them useful in conditions where abrasions or cracks may arise.

The ASTM f436 structural washers are widely used in buildings as well as in the frameworks of various industrial applications such as oil and gas, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and gas turbine applications. These washers are also utilized in building frameworks. The solid steel washers that conform to the ASTM F436 standard have a hardness of up to 45HRC and are able to endure significant amounts of pressure and stress. Components such as phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, chromium, nickel, and copper are frequently found in the material’s composition. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the costs of the ASTM F436 Type 1 Washer Component, as well as the many forms and sizes it comes in.

Specification Of ASTM F436 Washer

Astm F436 Washers Delivery timecustom product will according to special requirement, Regular product is about 7-15 days
ASTM F436M Washers CoatingsCadmium, Black Oxide, Teflon, Galvanized, Zinc, Xylan, Otders Upon Request
Astm F436 Washers DimensionsASME B18.3, B18.2.1
Melt OriginSoutd America/East Europe/Japan/Korea
Product OriginMade in India
Astm F436 Washers Threads ConfigurationB1.13M 6h Metric Coarse Threads and ASME B1.1 2A/3A Inch Unified Threads
Astm F436 Washers CertificationDual Certified As per ASME & ASTM Codes
Additional CertificationsMerkblatt AD 2000 W2 Certified, PED 97/23/EC Certified
Mandatory RequirementsFree from Radioactive & Mercury Contamination
Additional RequirementsNACE MR0175 / MR0103 /ISO 15156 Compliance
Astm F436 Washers SamplesYes
Payment TermsWestern Union, T/T, Paypal, Trade Assurance 30% deposit & balance before shipping or L/C

Chemical Composition ASTM F436 Washer

ElementPhosphorous, maxSulfur, maxSiliconChromiumNickelCopper
Type 10.040%0.050%
Type 30.040%0.050%0.15 – 0.35%0.45 – 0.65%0.25 – 0.45%0.25 – 0.45%

Mechanical Properties ASTM F436 Washer

Plain FinishHot Dip Galvanized
Rockwell Hardness 38 to 45 HRCRockwell Hardness 26 to 45 HRC

Dimensions Of ASTM F436 Washer

Stainless Steel Washer Dimensions Chart :

Nominal SizeTClipped Width E, Min.
I.D.O.D.StandardExtra Thick
[Note (1)]Max.Min.Max.Min.Max.Min.Max.Min.[Note (2)]

Different Types Of ASTM F436 Washer

Different Types Of Bolts

Application of ASTM F436 Washer

Testing of ASTM F436 Washer

Packing of ASTM F436 Washer

Destination Of ASTM F436 Washer

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