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Nuts with the ASTM A194 Grade 8 designation are included in the specification for use in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Fasteners conforming to ASTM A194 Gr 8 Nuts are produced by Shree Ashapura Steel, a renowned manufacturer, and supplier of these products. The nut sizes range from 2 millimeters to 20 millimeters, while the diameters go from 4 millimeters to 30 millimeters. Strong and capable of withstanding severe torque forces, the ASTM A194 Grade 8 Heavy Hex Nuts are an excellent choice for various applications.

In addition to carbon, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur, the substance also contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. The austenitic stainless steel of 304 grade produces the sa 194 gr b8 Hex Nuts. The high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion of the material can be attributed to the presence of chromium and nickel in the composition. In addition, the minimum yield strength must be 240 MPa.

About ASTM A194 Gr.8 Nut

There are a variety of varieties, one of which is the ASTM A194 Gr. 8T Nut is utilized in petroleum, power generating, water supply, and other commercials, industrial, and residential applications. According to the SA 194 Grade 8 Acorn Nuts Specification, the fasteners are able to function in temperatures of up to 450 degrees Celsius. You are welcome to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the various fasteners and their prices.

Specification Of ASTM A194 Gr.8 Nut

DimensionsASME B18.2.1, B18.3
Melt OriginSoutd America/East Europe/Japan/Korea/
Product OriginMade in India
Threads ConfigurationASME B1.1 2A/3A Inch Unified Threads and B1.13M 6h Metric Coarse Threads
CertificationDual Certified As per ASTM & ASME Codes
Additional CertificationsPED 97/23/EC Certified, Merkblatt AD 2000 W2 Certified
Mandatory RequirementsFree from Mercury & Radioactive Contamination
Additional RequirementsNACE MR0103 / MR0175 / ISO 15156 Compliance

Chemical Composition ASTM A194 Gr.8 Nut

A194 Grade 80.08 %2.00 %1.00 %0.05 %.0.03 %18.0-20.0 %8.0-11.0--

Mechanical Properties ASTM A194 Gr.8 Nut

Tensile Strength/Ultimate Tensile Stress (UTS) – (Mpa)Yield Strength/Proof Stress(0.2% Offset) (YS) – (Mpa)Elongation in 4D (El)ReductionHardness – (BHN)

Dimensions Of ASTM A194 Gr.8 Nut

Stainless Steel Nuts Dimensions :


Basic Major
Diameter of
Width Across Flats,
Width Across
Thickness Heavy
Hex Nuts,
Thickness Heavy
Hex Jam Nuts,
Maximum Runout of
Bearing Surface to
Axis, FIM
Heavy HEX NUTSHeavy Hex
Jam Nuts
Specified Proof load
Min.MaxUp to
150,000 psi
150,000 psi
and Greater
All Strength
5/80.62501 1/161.0311.0621.1751.22739/640.5870.63123/640.3370.3810.0250.0180.025
3/40.75001 1/41.2121.2501.3821.44347/640.7100.75827/640.3980.4460.0270.0200.027
7/80.87501 7/161.3941.4381.5891.66055/640.8330.88531/640.4580.5100.0290.0220.029
11.00001 5/81.5751.6251.7961.87663/640.9561.01235/640.5190.5750.0310.0240.031
1 1/81.12501 13/161.7561.8122.0022.0931 7/641.0791.13939/640.5790.6390.0330.0270.033
1 1/41.250021.9382.0002.2092.3091 7/321.1871.25123/320.6870.7510.0350.0300.035
1 3/81.37502 3/162.1192.1882.4162.5261 11/321.3101.37825/320.7470.8150.0380.0330.038
1 1/21.50002 3/82.3002.3752.6222.7421 15/321.4331.50527/320.8080.8800.0410.0360.041
1 5/81.62502 9/162.4812.5622.8282.9591 19/321.5561.63229/320.8680.9440.0440.0380.044
1 3/41.75002 3/42.6622.7503.0353.1751 23/321.6791.75931/320.9291.0090.0480.0410.048
1 7/81.87502 15/162.8442.9383.2423.3921 27/321.8021.8861 1/320.9891.0730.0510.0440.051
22.00003 1/83.0253.1253.4493.6081 31/321.9252.0131 3/321.0501.1380.0550.0470.055
2 1/42.25003 1/23.3883.5003.8624.0412 13/642.1552.2511 13/641.1551.2510.0610.0520.061
2 1/22.50003 7/83.7503.8754.2754.4742 29/642.4012.5051 29/641.4011.5050.0680.0580.068
2 3/42.75004 1/44.1124.2504.6884.9072 45/642.6472.7591 37/641.5221.6340.0740.0640.074
33.00004 5/84.4754.6255.1025.3402 61/642.8933.0131 45/641.6431.7630.0810.0700.081
3 1/43.250054.8385.0005.5155.7743 3/163.1243.2521 13/161.7481.8760.0870.0750.087
3 1/23.50005 3/85.2005.3755.9286.2073 7/163.3703.5061 15/161.8702.0060.0940.0810.094
3 3/43.75005 3/45.5625.7506.3416.6403 11/163.6163.7602 1/161.9902.1340.1000.0870.100
44.00006 1/85.9256.1256.7557.0733 15/163.8624.0142 3/162.1122.2640.1070.0930.107

Different Types Of ASTM A194 Gr.8 Nut

Different Types Of Bolts

Application of ASTM A194 Gr.8 Nut

Testing of ASTM A194 Gr.8 Nut

Packing of ASTM A194 Gr.8 Nut

Destination Of ASTM A194 Gr.8 Nut

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